Custom Labels for Your Needs

united label logo on labels

Whether you’re printing on a soap dispenser, a vitamin container, or anything, our pressure sensitive labeling offers customizability for any design, color, or content that your product needs to stand out. We primarily use high-speed flexographic presses, which allow us to print up to six colors, including four color process, laminate, varnish and die cut in line. This offers an economical alternative to sheet fed presses.

We also offer hot stamping, a high-end process that produces a fine and cunning image, providing a prestige look for your label. Using foil as opposed to ink, this method produces a metallic label with a glossy finish that will pop out at your customer. This process is great for cosmetics, candles, wine bottles, or anything you want to label with a glisten. With the ability to customize these labels, we can create the ultimate presentation for your product that will have customers hooked at first glance.

personal-care-labelsSome of the different types of labels we make include:

• White labels
• Lab labels
Prime Labels, Product labels
• Thermal transfers
• Information labels
• Manufacturing labels
• Company labels
•Nutrition labels
all-kinds-of-labelsVitamin Labels
• Beverage labels
Cosmetic labels
Labels of any special shape or color including Die Library Shapes
• Chemical Labels
• Food labels